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Crisis Intervention Services

Crisis intervention services form the cornerstone of our support system, addressing immediate needs with urgency and care. At the forefront is emergency transportation, ensuring individuals can swiftly access our sanctuary in times of distress. Once within our care, we provide both emergency and extended shelter, offering a secure haven for individuals and families fleeing domestic violence.

Our holistic approach extends beyond shelter provision. Case management guides individuals through their journey, offering tailored support and resources to navigate the complexities of their situation. Basic necessities like food and clothing are readily available, alleviating immediate concerns and fostering a sense of security. Safety planning is paramount, empowering individuals with strategies to navigate challenging circumstances and reclaim their autonomy.

Furthermore, our services encompass a spectrum of support aimed at empowering survivors towards long-term stability and healing. From mobile advocacy to accompany individuals during critical moments, to comprehensive domestic violence education, we equip survivors with knowledge and tools to make informed decisions. Assistance with legal matters, including orders of protection and court advocacy, ensures survivors have the necessary support to navigate legal systems effectively. Whether through shelter resident counseling, non-resident counseling, or peer support groups, we provide a safe space for individuals to process their experiences and connect with others on similar journeys. Additionally, alternative housing counseling and goal planning assistance pave the way towards independent living, while job skills training opens doors to new opportunities for financial independence and empowerment.

Emergency transportation

Emergency and extended shelter

Case management

Food and clothing

Safety Planning

Mobile Advocacy

Domestic Violence Education

Assistance with orders of protection

Court/legal lay assistance

Court accompaniment/advocacy

Emergency transportation

Immigration services

Shelter resident counseling

Non-resident counseling

Peer support groups

Alternative housing counseling


Support Services

Goal planning assistance

Job skills training