Our Mission

The Family Shelter is dedicated to reducing domestic violence by providing a safe haven, case management, legal advocacy, victim advocacy and educational services to victims.

24-hour Hotline 800-749-8631

You Are Not Alone

In case of EMERGENCY, dial 911

24-hour Hotline 800-749-8631

During Normal Business Hours: 325-658-8631 or  325-655-5774

About Us

The Family Shelter has been providing emergency shelter, services, and guidance to victims of domestic violence and their families for over 30 years. Our shelter focuses on improving the lives of victims of family violence through safety, education, advocacy and support. We strive to give our clients the respect and services they deserve.

The 15 County Service Area Includes:
  • Coke
  • Concho
  • Crockett
  • Edwards
  • Irion
  • Kimble
  • Mason
  • McCulloch,
  • Menard
  • Reagan
  • Runnels
  • Schleicher
  • Sterling
  • Sutton
  • Tom Green


Founded in 1977, The Institute of Cognitive Development, (ICD) opened its doors in San Angelo, Texas, providing an intermediate care facility for the developmentally disabled. The new facility was called the San Angelo Independent Living – Training Resident. The individuals who resided at the new facility received a variety of services that enhance their quality of life, including transportation to church, work, adult training, medical and dental appointments, and recreation activities. We seek to provide a high quality of life in a caring environment for our residents.  Laura Lee Bachman was hired as the first Executive Director.

In 1978, another need emerged within the community. ICD Family Shelter was initiated to provide a safe haven for victims of domestic violence.  It was their goal to offer counseling services, children’s intervention, and vocational training. With private donations and a grant from the Concho Valley Council of Governors (as it was called then), the shelter opened its doors to three women in May of 1979.   The facility at that time was a fifteen room building near the downtown police station.  It was a former hospital at the time (said to be haunted due to the surgery room being in there).  There was a living area, kitchen, bathrooms and a line of bedrooms on the side.  It was the only shelter in the State of Texas with a long-term stay philosophy.  At that time, it was one of the largest shelters.  The Family Shelter was 1 of 8 shelters that was staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week within the 43 counties of West Texas.

By April of 1981, there were twenty shelters in the state of Texas that benefited from state funding.  In 1983, a new facility was built for the Family Shelter at its current location at 79 Gillis with eight emergency bedrooms, family room and offices.

In 1997, a two-story building addition with seven mini-apartments, staff offices and a child activity center was open.  These modifications also included four more emergency bedrooms and multi-purpose training room.  In 2000, the outdoor play area and gazebo was added.

The Family Shelter incurred a small stumbling block with the threat of closure in April of 2015.  The program was rebooted in May and by 2016, financial stabilization was gained, program plans were enriched, United Way funding was reinstated and a major grant was obtained to enhance services for the 15-county service area (including the newly acquired Edwards County).

Plans are underway to enhance the children’s play area and add a secured parking lot.  Stay tuned for more exciting plans!

Today, there are over 100 shelters and satellite offices.  The Family Shelter continues to serve the Concho Valley and its survivors of family violence for men, women and children.  By focusing our efforts on safety and empowerment, we are able to offer additional services to foster intellectual and emotional growth to help our clients develop independence at both facilities.


Our services to residents and non-residents alike, include safety planning, legal advocacy, supported counseling, empowerment groups, and information and referral. We also have an educational outreach program to teach those in our community and schools about dating violence, bullying, “Expect Respect”, and the services we provide.

Emergency Shelter

The emergency shelter is designed to assist victims in crisis and their family members.   Individualized services plans and  goal setting are prepared for both the adult and child.  Victims can choose the services they feel they need.

  • 30- to 90-day emergency safe haven, food and personal hygiene items

  • High security environment and Safety Planning

  • Emergency transportation

  • Classes for all residents in life skills, parenting, child management, dynamics of family violence, community resources and self-esteem

  • Support Groups Individualized Counseling

  • Children's activity center

  • Case Management, Legal Advocacy & Victim Advocacy

  • Extended Stay Apartments - {cbt-quote}Self-Advocacy Center{cbt-quote}

    Typically, this is an advanced level goal setting program for those who have been in the emergency shelter for 90 days, are working, going to school and have extenuating circumstances.  Program goals monitor outcome based on self-sufficiency, independence and goal achievement.  Participants must apply for this program.

  • Court Accompaniment, Crime Victims' Comp & Victim Impact Statements

Non-Residential Services

Additional services are available to domestic abuse victims who are not in need of assistance with shelter for safety.    Call to make an appointment to access services at (325) 655-5774.  Ask for a Case Manager or Victim Advocate.

  • Case Management, Legal Advocacy & Victim Advocacy

  • Support Groups and Individualized Counseling

  • Attend Classes! Life skills, parenting, child management, dynamics of family violence, community resources and guest speakers

  • Community Resource Referrals and Advocacy

  • Court Accompaniment, Crime Victims' Comp & Victim Impact Statements

Outreach Services

The Family Shelter Outreach Victim Advocates travels throughout the 15 county Concho Valley area to provide services and intervention to crime victims of domestic violence.   Call (325) 277-3131 or (432) 302-0295 for assistance or information.

  • Assistance with Shelter Referral for safe haven

  • Crisis Intervention and After Care Counseling

  • Emergency Transportation for Relocation

    Transportation to the NewBridge Family Shelter in San Angelo

  • Case Management, Legal Advocacy and Victim Advocacy

  • Individual Class information on parenting, dynamics of family violence and community resources

  • Safety Planning

  • Referrals Made from Law Enforcement, CPS or Court System

  • Community & Public Education Presentations in the Community upon request


We accept most donations. At this time we cannot accept any clothes or stuffed animals, due to health and safety concerns.  Storage is also an issue.  At The Family Shelter, we strive to operate with integrity and transparency to our community. For transparency and accounting purposes, we do not accept cash. Checks, money orders, and online gifts are greatly appreciated!  Gift Cards need to be brought to the Business Office.

We are grateful for the surrounding community which has proven itself generous of heart and spirit. Tax-deductible financial and material donations are gladly accepted. Thank-you for your continued support.

Please Send Checks to:

ICD Family Shelter
P.O. Box 5018
San Angelo, Texas 76902

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